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Exllude a prop from a vis-effect.


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I thought someone asked about this...but for the life of me, I can't seem to find the post now....but...

Is there a way to tell the vis-effects morph to exclude a couple of the props?

I have a few lights that I'd rather not include as the morph "flies" across my yard.

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Somebody did recently. Brian responded, but I don't remember the exact details.

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It would be a desirable feature, but currently there is not a way to exclude a prop from a visEffect.

There is sort of a workaround that will work in some cases. Set a scene on the prop you want to exclude to the dimmest RGB setting, in other words Red=10, Green=10, Blue=10. Then when the visEffect comes across the prop the scene will usually take priority and you won't see the visEffect on that prop.

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