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looking for the 3 channel singing Santa file.

Old Sarge

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I have the 8 channel pumpkins, trees and a lot of other things but now looking for the three channel Santa, and any others I can get for my collection.  

I am trying to help a new LOR fan with some things and he has the 3 channel Santa etc. and I am trying to help him make his Visualizer file.

I need props, fixtures etc. for INCAN lights. I dont need for rgb, ccr etc.. just the simple stuff.... LOL... Thanks to all who send me something.



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thank you Mega, I kinda remember seeing those a long time ago but couldnt find the link to then,

Thank You I will check them.. I may have over looked it. I did find a 1 channel there but that was all I could find..


Thank you

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