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How to run pixels,strips, or leaping arches to bought sequences


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This is my first year of attempting to run lights to music. 95% of what we have is incandescent or LED lights which I believe will work OK. My concern is that I would like to add MEGA TREE with pixels and some RGB Strips to outline our roof. Is there a way to make this work with the bought sequences to tie it all together.

I have 4 commercial controllers to run our sequences on our 1 acre of property. I noticed that the first 2 controllers do most of the light movements. As our property has a 400ft frontage how do I connect the other controllers to tie this all together. I am afraid I would need to have two controllers with 1 and 2 to make it look like all areas is moving??

I hope this makes some sense to everyone.

Thanks for any help


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Hi - 

Did you do the setup of what you have now? Where did you purchase your sequences? If they are LOR the layout is 4x4x4.  Most of those sequences support from 48 to 64 channels.                                  

Others with much more experience will have to chime in, but my opinion is that a first year pixel mega tree and RGBs for your house this close to show time will be a planning and prepping challenge. LOR Sequences don't have mega tree fixtures as well, so that is a manual effort.  

Now if you have a lot of time on your hands it wouldn't be impossible, but it will still be challenging.  


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