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Halloween Show hiccups?

Mr. P

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Has anyone had any Halloween Show hiccups this year? Post what happened and what you did to fix the problem.

My hiccup is one of my CMB24D won't hold its unit ID and keeps jumping round. I have to go out about an hour before the show and plug and unplug it several times until the correct ID comes up. Once it comes up it will stay until it's unplugged again. I will have to fix it between Halloween and Christmas.

Other then that, the music, sequences, lights and everything has been flawless so far.

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Running several small videos between songs. When the show starts there is 50/50 chance that LOR will play videos on full screen or in the task bar. LOR also doesn't like to play videos in the shut down menus of the show editor. 

If I enable the show after its start time it works. If I use show on demand it works.  So that's what I have been doing. 

LOR needs a major tune up on their video capabilities. 

other than that, my show is a big hit. 

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My issues were:

My $2000 mixer output stage failed.... This was my biggest failure and still needs to be fixed and I have not had the time to open it up.

One of my FPPs shorted out in testing and I lost that pi.

Several new 2811 strips failed on the house so had to replace them at the very last minute.

The main FPP could not find the sequence and video files the night before halloween (delayed the show by 30 min to fix the problem) This was very embarrassing because I had over 900 people standing in the street outside the house!!! But lucky most if not all of them stuck around.

Now cool things that happened:

4 police officers showed up halloween night and were dancing in front of the house and filming it!

I got a $300 dollar tip from someone (I do not take donations or tips but they insisted)

I had a turnout of 1800 tricker treaters on halloween night (unsure how many adults) but the street got closed off, Im so thankful that no neighbours that I know of complained about this...

Edit: One more cool thing I just thought of is that someone added our house to google maps... :D



So although I had my fair share of problems I met a lot of cool people and enjoyed my final show for a wile! 

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