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setup of tree and arches in SS


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I have uses SS for my tree (12 ccr/star) quite successfully. this year I am adding four CCB arches. I am struggling with PE and would really like to use SS - but it appears I can only set SS to be a Tree (w/wo star) OR arches (or import visualization). Is there any way to setup a tree w/star AND 4 arches in SS ?  If I could, then I can just import the SS into the Sequence I already have for the standard lights.

I am trying a visualization import of a tree/arches without much success - there does not seem to be enough granularity in that method.

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Importing a visualization should have as much granularity as when in CCR mode. You can email you visualization to brian@superstarlights.com and I will take a look at it.

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I have six 50 CCP arches and a 12 string tree (among other stuff) and use a pair of visualizations for it.  Works great.  This is what my sequencing grid looks like:


And this is the what the display looks like (or at least the way I drew it):


I'll save you counting, it's 5,550 channels.


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