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Scaling Bulb brightness.

Guy Dreger

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Hi All,  

I recently change a few strings on some of my props.  The new bulbs are almost twice a bright as the old ones.   Is there a way to change the channel information to scale down what is sent to the controller.  i.e.  If the sequence editor has 50% and the channel info is 50% then only send 25% to the channel. 

I have a bunch of songs with all kinds of things going on (like most people I guess) and the drudgery of going and redoing all that just to re-calibrate the light levels doesn't appeal to me.

any ideas?

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There is no way to compensate in the controller, but you can do a mass intensity change.

Select the row or group in the sequence editor, right click and select change intensity. Choose the desired settings in the dialog that will pop up. Probably be scale and 50% for regular bulbs, You can do RGB too. Click on apply and the selected row will change. Undo if not happy and try again.

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Thanks Man!

You just changed a days and days problem into only hours.  

I still wish the editor had a better way of handling this but hey, that will work.

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