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i work for a school district that uses LOR products for the children's Christmas performances. we put through a PO to order some new equipment and also entered the contest to see if we would be selected to receive our order free, can anyone tell me if those contest winners have been chosen yet? its been about 2 months and we havent received our equipment. just wanted to know if anyone could tell me anything.

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You mean you entered 'TryForFree', correct?

We are still holding orders that used TryForFree with pixel products, and some other misc items.  We are still waiting on shipment for a few parts.  We expect to start shipping orders with some pixel products in the next week.

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You mean you entered 'TryForFree', correct?

We are still holding orders that used TryForFree with pixel products, and some other misc items.  We are still waiting on shipment for a few parts.  We expect to start shipping orders with some pixel products in the next week.


Summer Sale Frequently Asked Questions:

I missed the notification/did not get the notification/didn't realize the sale was on. Can I have sale prices?
No, sorry. The Summer Sale is time limited. Once it is over, it is over.

I heard that some people got access to the sale before the general public with some kind of membership!
There is no such thing. There is nothing you can do to get advanced access to the sale. What you are reading is an April Fools joke.

I signed up on Facebook for the notifications and didn't get one!
The only official sign up for our mailing list is our website. Light-O-Rama does have a company facebook page, however the Website is the most reliable place to receive information.  Light-O-Rama employees do not use Facebook for company matters.  Any person claiming to be a Light-O-Rama employee on Facebook or any other social media site is not affiliated with us and should be considered A FAKE. Some employees may have social media accounts, but those are used for personal, not company, things.

Did you get my order?
Unless there is an issue with your order, please refrain from opening tickets and/or calling in asking if we received your order, if your order is lost, etc. If you have an order number (which starts with YHST), your order will be processed. 

Remember if you use the TryForFree promotional code, in return for a 2% FURTHER discount over the sale prices AND a chance to get your order for free (Up to $1500, please see official rules) your order will be placed in the 'Delayed Shipping' group. That means it could take UP TO 8 WEEKS before your order ships. If you do NOT want to wait that long, please do not use TryForFree.  

I didn't know my order would be delayed 8 weeks!
The official sale page has a link to all the details: 

When will my order ship if I didn't use 'TryForFree'?
Please note that even if you did not use 'TryForFree', it may be several days or longer before your order actually ships. We get thousands of orders during a sale, and it may take some time to ship your items. Again, we try to ship in FIFO order, so the earlier in the sale you order, the earlier you will get your items.   We try to expedite orders using overnight/two day shipping if you did not use 'TryForFree', however we can not guarantee any delivery date during a sale.

Can you remove 'TryForFree'?
If we have not yet shipped your order, we can try to remove the 'TryForFree' promo code.  Remember that you will need to pay the additional cost (2%), and you will be removed from the 'TryForFree' promotional contest.  Once removed we will place your order at the end of the current non-delayed ship queue.

Please note that even if we remove the 'TryForFree' promotion from your order, it may still take several additional days or longer before we are able to ship your item. Removing TryForFree will most likely get your item shipped faster than if you had stayed in the delayed shipping group, but still does not guarantee any ship date. See 'When will my order ship if I didn't use TryForFree' for more information.

In NO case will we tell you if your order is or would have been a winner in the 'TryForFree' promotion if you decide to remove the promo code.

We strive to ship all orders in FIFO (first in, first out) order per group. At our discretion we may hold your order and/or ship to you in multiple shipments. If we do ship in multiple shipments, you will not be charged for the additional shipping costs (if any).

We understand that you may be out of town/etc and don't want a package sitting at your front door. If that is the case, please open a trouble ticket and we can hold shipping your order until you return. We can not guarantee a shipping date for any order during the sale, but we can hold an order until you are ready for us to release the hold.

As always, we ship Monday through Friday. In general, and depending on volume, TryForFree orders may be shipped much faster than 10 weeks. For example, if all NON TryForFree orders have been shipped we may elect to ship as many delayed shipping group orders as we can that day. That also means that someone who ordered TryForFree early in the sale may get their order BEFORE yours, even if you did NOT use TryForFree, but ordered later.

International Delivery:
Please note that our online store does not compute shipping for international orders.  When your order is ready to ship, we will contact you with several options and the cost of each.  Please watch your eMail for these notifications and reply with your preferred method.  Once you have replied, we will charge you the additional amount to the payment method on file and ship your order.  

Can you combine shipping on two or more orders?
We can try. Please make every effort to place a single order with everything you would like to order. However, we realize that sometimes you may forget something and need to place another order. Please let us know both order numbers, and we will do our best to combine them. If you have placed orders both with and without the TryForFree promotion and ask us to combine shipping, the orders will be shipped in the delayed shipping group.

Paypal/Credit Card/Debit Card Authorizations:
When you place your order, we ask Paypal or your CC company/bank for an authorization for the amount of the order. This authorization is not an actual charge, however it may impact your available credit and/or available cash for debit accounts. These holds are beyond our control, and you will need to contact your Bank or CC company about them.

Please note that your authorization may expire before your order ships. If you used Paypal, you may receive an eMail about this expiration. This expiration does not mean your order was cancelled. simply that the authorization to charge your payment method expired.  You can safely ignore that eMail. When we are ready to ship, we will re-authorize the charge and then complete the transaction.

When ready to ship your order we will charge the payment type on file. You should ensure that even if the initial authorization has expired that you have sufficient credit or cash available in the account for your purchase at all times. We are not responsible for over limit and/or bounced check charges if you fail to maintain the needed balance or credit line.

Did I win?/Who Won?/I got charged, I didn't win! (Or did I?)
Please refrain from opening trouble tickets or calling in to see if you won TryForFree, or for who won TryForFree. We will notify all winners either with a note in their order, or by other means. We will post on our website a list of all winners at the end of the contest.

Since we will begin shipping orders BEFORE the winners are selected, your order may be charged and then later refunded (up to $1500, please see official rules). Others may simply get their order for free without a charge being made at all. In other words, it is not over until it is over and we post the list of winners. 

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