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10w RGB Flood Mount


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So, I was presented with a design challenge on how to mount the 10w floods I purchased on the eave of my house. the catch (catches) were; 1: Tile roof, 2: The tile hung out over the fascia by a couple inches, and 3: I did not want to nail or screw anything in to the roof. So I needed to build a mount that would attach to the fascia, yet be able to reach up and over the tile to aim the flood on the second story wall. Here's my solution.. 

I used a closet organizer track as the main arm (just cut it to size), a couple basic (but strong) clamps, a metal "T" bracket and some bolts and washers. All products were bought at Lowe's. Cost a total of about $8 per mount.

There are holes already drilled at even spaces along the track, and there are also holes drilled in the "t" bracket and the handle of the RGB flood. This did not require any drilling by me. The "t" bracket is mounted just as the letter is written, with the one arm sticking down below the fascia, and that is where I bolted in the closet organizer track. 

They are very strong (and they have to be to stand up to the 75mph gusts we get here) and don't require any screwing in to the fascia. Just thought I'd share in case anyone is ever looking to do something similar. 

Flood On Roof GIF.gif

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Very nice!  My only concern would be the large amount of leverage applied to the T bracket and clamps.  I think I would move the whole thing over a foot to the right so it has the T bracket resting on the end of the rafter and add another 90 degree bracket off the bottom of the T that would lay along the side of the rafter and put a third clamp holding that to the rafter.


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