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How to decrease intensity on current pattern?


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S4.  Normal lighting (non-RGBs).   Sequence is mostly done, but I need to decrease the intensity for a given element, for all it's patterns (on, ramps, fades, twinkles, etc).  Is there a quick way to do that without editing each lighting item (on, ramps, fades, twinkles, etc)?


Suppose, let's say I want to decrease the intensity for everything on a given element by 40%.  How to do that in the SE?

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By element, I assume you mean channel?

Select the entire row for that channel.  Right click and select Change Intensities...Detailed.  Select the operation you want (in your case, reduce), and put in the value you want (if you put in 30 it will reduce it to 30%) and select what type of channel you're working with. Hit Apply and you're done!

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