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E6804 updates

John (oldandslow)

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Has anyone updated the new sandevices software update?

I was wondering if the bugs have been worked out.

I have a 3 year old E6804 that I was thinking of updating because of the odd pixel configuration and thought that I could do it more easily with the new software.

I was reading and fine that some went back to different versions of it.

I want to run 4 universes

1-80 pixels

2-135 Pixels

3-118 Pixels

4-112 Pixels

What update would be the safest?


John (oldandslow)

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On the E 6804 each socket is its own universe so just select the amount of pixels just how you have shown ,so what's your problem your having  .I have 5 e 6804  and two e682  the 682 's are a little bit harder to configure but the 6804 are pretty simple .

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As Dennis said,the version 5.x update is not required for what you want to do.  Both of my year round E6804s have different lengths for various outputs.  Some are on the same universe and some are different.  Both of my E6804s are running firmware version 4.240.  One of my two Christmas E682s is running the beta version 5.018, but I did not need the new features - just wanted to play with it.  The other E682 is currently 4.033.


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Thanks for the replies.

I have 2 E682's and I needed help to configure them as they were hard for me to understand with different lengths of pixels.

I had this and brought it out for some icicles that I made from some cheap pickles that I bought at the last minute from China.

I believe it was you Jim that help me understand the two ground system that the 3 wires use. You also gave me the tip to leave some open

spaces to insert new universes and that is exactly what I'm doing, using those spaces.

Since I don't need to update then I wont.

Thanks again to everyone for the help.

My tip to you guys is "Don't get old because everything gets harder to understand" ;)


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