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Uniformity between LOR tools ?


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I have now begun to use the pixel editor for this year's shows - I have added CCB arches to the CCR tree, and several LOR controllers and a CMB24D. I had become comfortable with the Sequence Editor, found Superstar to be great, but now in trying to setup the CCB Arches, Pixel Editor seems almost a step backwards in the apparent limitations it has in its effects generator, especially compared to Superstar.

One of the first things I wanted to do was to create a morph so the arch would count a beat. No morphs. I cannot yet control a  "meteor" to fit the size or time I want. (I would like to control the head/color, tail/color lengths seperately and then fit the total time. )

Is there work to be done to widen the tools in PE so they are more like Superstar ? Or, is there a better way for me to add the CCB arches and programming ?



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Thank you for your feedback! We are listening.

LOR continues to invest in their software and you will see improvements in 2017.

Your question about Pixel Editor effects is probably best asked in the Pixel Editor forum.

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We had a pixel editor discussion on Tuesday night that covered this exact issue.  I'll repost the link once I upload it.

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