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My 1st Halloween Display


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So, I got bit by the Halloween ghoul and now along with Christmas have a new addiction. This is a quick video I took and I think it came out pretty cool. Forgive the video quality, I took it on my phone about 1:30 in the morning.


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 Everything you see here is brand new. I have been working on all of this since on and off since February. The one good thing is now I no longer have string lights around the house and now I can leave the strips up for the Christmas display saving me some time and energy in November for other things.  

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1 minute ago, Mr. P said:

I hope you edited the music in and weren't really blasting that music at 1:30 in the morning.  :D

For sure,  I put the music in later.  I've got good neighbors who put up with this ridiculousness and really enjoy it.  But I wouldn't do that to them. Keeping the neighbors happy too is what keeps this hobby going for most of us I'm sure.  Too many displays have gone dark because of neighbors who just don't understand us:P

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10 minutes ago, CLD Kevin said:

That sequence look very familiar....good job.

You do have some great sequences on CLD.  Although YOUR actual display is MUCH better.  I've gotta get out to see your display in Riverside.  I've seen the videos on this year's and it looks AWESOME.  

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