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First timer .... Halloween as first try


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Hi all. First Timer here. Used the summer sale to get this hobby started. Am awaiting my LED light strings for my custom singing faces that -- if I can figure out how to get bolts into thin facade brick without causing havoc -- will be attached to my house above my garage door just in time for Halloween.

I've got 3 unfinished faces awaiting delivery of LEDS to line up 8 channels each for singing and eye rolling.


I'm going to keep these 3 faces on the full 4x8 coro. back it with either pvc or wood... depends on what it looks like / weight of it after I string it.. I stopped at 3 faces because I was running out of LED light $$$$ and figured I'd save some budget for XMAS time. I'm going to fill in the spots between characters with orange... and my daughter is "designing" the eyes so have to see what she has in mind before I paint them...

Thanks to all who post and provide info. Via posts here I found holidaycoro for ideas, holiday lights express for reputable LED lights, and already bummed a couple sequences off of helpful members. (also -I'm going to be redundant here with an upcoming post in the sequence sharing area ... but if anyone has sequences they'd like to share I'd sure appreciate it... the setup is taking longer than anticipated--- even though I have read enough on these forums to consider myself fairly warned... :)... if you happen to have anything to share I can down or up mix the channels so that'd be great. The faces are setup to be 8 channels like the holidaycoro characters so hoping it'll make it easier to adjust others' sequences. I've also scoured the links through the forum regarding free sharing sites/locations... my email is findkob@gmail.com)


My gear: (2 x ctb16PC ready to Go's) = 32 Ch. Will break out this week to get them setup, tested... and wired up.S4 Advanced Software

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