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Building a mini-Santa's Workshop


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Has anyone built a small replica of a Santa's Workshop?  3 or 4 years ago, when I lived in a different house, I tried to build one.  I'm not very handy, and it was an extremely crude thing.  I don't even remember exactly how I did it, but I remember it was basically a PVC box...so I had 4 sections about 6' tall each standing up making a roughly 5'x5' square outline, with PVC connecting it all on top.  The "roof" was just more PVC attached (screws as I recall) at a 45" angle on top to make an arch.  I then strung lights across the top to make it look like a "roof".  I wanted to put sides up, but I was worried about wind knocking it down, as it wasn't really that secure...I could have used lights, but at the time it was all incan, and the roof alone took up a lot of power.  I put a 5' blow up Santa inside and then got a free 6V Barbie Jeep that 4 year olds ride around in (found it on Craigslist without a battery, but I didn't care about that).  Put a bow around the Jeep and put it next to Santa. 

As I said, it was hastily done and was quite shoddy by most decorators standards, but my kids thought it was the coolest thing ever.  They keep bugging me to do another one.  As I said, I don't even precisely remember how I did it, and if I do it again I'd want it to be somewhat better.

Anyone have any ideas?  Doesn't have to be that big again, it can be small.  I don't care.  Keep in mind, I'm not super handy, so the more basic, the better. I'm going with the "it's the thought that counts" motto.  As long as it's standing, recognizable and safe for my kids to stand near, I'm happy no matter how basic it looks.

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Hi Klayfish,


Not sure if you're in the market for a shed or the space for one but when I move I have this idea to put up a shed for normal use year round. Then during our show I'll have a Plexiglas window open with a light on inside showing Santa's workshop. My idea is to place the shed with the back of it sticking out of a side yard fence about 2-3' and again during the year it would be the normal back wall of the shed. But the back wall will have the window covered by the solid wall. I'll just remove the solid panel and reveal the inside. I plan to have the "scene" about 3-4 feet deep and then an interior wall that will double as a mounting wall for my controllers that are nearby. And the area sticking out from the fence will be decorated and lite to be Santa's workshop/house. I know this is an involved idea but it'll serve two purposes. Normal storage and a Santa workshop and controller hub.

Hope this helps.



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