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I recently purchased several CF50D RGB Floods and are trying to set them up in Daisy chain ,but don't seem to be able to get more than 4 Units to be recognized in the Hardware Utility when i run the Network Search .I have been able to successfully change the Unit ID through the  "change Unit ID  " and have all the CF50Ds connected with Cat5 cables IN and OUT on the back of each unit but the system does not seem to find them  all when I run the Network Search operation. I would really appreciate any thoughts ., thanks Tony P

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Hi Mega Arch , thanks for your quick reply, I will try that again shortly  The back of the CF50 D has two cable connections to facilitate the setting up of them in a daisy chain , they are not separately marked as " Input " and " output " so I assume  in a daisy chain sequence , it does not  matter which  connection is used for the input or the output.

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