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Show Will Not Load


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I have three home computers that I work with LOR on.  I wanted to use one of them to run this year's Halloween show on but when I enable the show the LOR Status window's last entry is "Show Player initialized" and then nothing else happens.  I uninstalled and installed LOR in hopes that this would fix the problem but that did not work.  My other two computers load and play the show fine.  I need the other two computers for work and programming purposes so I do not want to tie those up with running a show.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks.

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It appears the show is loaded but not sure if the files are loaded.  In the Status window it reads:

Show Player starting

Schedule loaded

Initializing LOR networks

LOR networks initialized

Schedule loaded

Show Player initialized

After that last message nothing happens.  The verifier does not list any errors.

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I guess you start from the beginning.

Do the sequences play if you run them directly from the sequence editor?  Are they located in the correct folder?

Are the sequences saved into a show from the show editor?

Is the correct show scheduled in the schedule editor?


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