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Mounting Strobes on PVC

Ralph A

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I have a lot of strobes that I want to mount to 3/4'' PVC.  The PVC will run in 25 foot row, that I can take apart for storage.  Where I need some help is in the way I attach the strobes to the PVC so there are sturdy and straight. These are the xenon strobes that screw into a C-9 socket.  So I'm looking for something that will hold the C-9 socket to the PVC.

  Thanks for your ideas and help!!

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Mine are on gutters, not PVC. But should work fine. Zip tieing the wire on both sides of the socket holds it securely in place. 

For your PVC, another thought is a small screw through bottom of socket into PVC. Just remember the screw could potentially be hot. Second thought, stick with the zip ties. 

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The only thing I would add to his suggestion is a dab of silicone under the socket before you zip tie. I don't know about anybody else but I always have some clear and white silicone at the ready anytime I make anything

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52 minutes ago, ShaggySS said:

How do you get PVC to be straight?  I always use EMT for this reason.  

Good idea with the silicone!

Show it the female coupling :D.  Use the thick wall tubing and put a clip about every 18 to 24 inches.

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