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Hey all - I'm switching up the show this year and i'm decommissioning my 2 incandescent Mega Trees.  I think the best way to sell these is probably together, so i'll start off that way and if there are no takers, i'll split the gear down.

So each tree is 17' Tall.  

The center pole is a standard 4" PVC pipe you can get at Home Depot. (not included)  Included with the tree will be the custom top bracket which is designed to fit right over the top of the PVC pipe like a coupling.  It also has a mounting bracket for the star (which i will also include).

Each tree is 40 bundles of 1 white, red, green and blue string of incandescent lights. (included).  Wrapped around the tree in the spiral are another 20 strands of white.  All lights are Walmart or similar. Prebundled 4 per bundle.  All working when they came down and were boxed up.  Typically you have some dead loss each year, i'd say i replace about 5-10% each year.  ( i will include a spare bulb kit for all the colors so you don't have to go fumbling for the right bases.

The bundles are channelized as follows:

  • 10 white channels (so every 4 white strands are grouped together)
  • 4 channels each of red, green, blue  (so every 10 strands are bundled together)
  • 10 white spiral channels
  • So a total of 32 channels

Included with each tree will also be (2) 16 channel controllers.  CTB16PC -G3 (2 of which are less than a year old)  All in enclosures, all boards soldered by LOR, but I assembled them using all LOR cables.

I've also got hundreds of 6', 9' & 12' white and brown multi head extension cords which i can sell if needed (they help when connecting these suckers up)

So each tree will come with (2) controllers, 180 strings of clear, red, green & blue lights (40 bundles x 4 colors, Plus 20 spiral), the top bracket, the star, and some extension cords if you want them. Hell if you want the sequences i have programmed for them i'll send them too.  Basically this is good for someone who is maybe first, second, or third year, wants to add some big splash relatively cheap.

Cost?  So i don't know how to price used gear, but new in the box each tree costs about $1,000 ($400 for the 2 controllers, and $3*180 strings of light).   I'm seeing $125 - $150 for controllers, so i'll start the bidding at $350 per tree, plus we will have to figure out shipping (i'm in Florida).  All sold as is.....

You can see the trees in action here  Be advised: i hate the shape of the trees in this video.  I'm space limited by my new front yard, so they are skinnier that i want them to be.  See here for them at my old house. Same gear, different shape.

Let me know if there are any takers.





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That's a great deal for someone just starting out.

If I had the fund$ I'd jump on this in a minute, but sadly I don't.      

Hope someone gets them, they looked fine to me in the video, didn't seem all that skinny too me.  Looked pretty darn good I thought.


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On 10/1/2016 at 9:34 AM, Derkngoogly said:

check on shipping to jacksonville ar and your snow on roof what lights are they? 

Roof lights are white led nets.

what side of jax?  Maybe we could meet half way?

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