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SS Row Ordering from Visualizer


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I have created a viz file with 2 Boscoyo elements. The ChromaHat which is essentially a rectangular border around 21x8 matrix with a line of pixels to form the santa hat and 12 arm x 6 pixel spinner as the ball. The second element is a pair of trees that are 5 x 17 and a 20 pixel star. 

I think I have worked with all the SS parms in Viz to get the row to appear how I want them. I am finally REALLY close but there is one row, the ChromaHat border that always seems to get away from. What I mean by that is row are presenting as 

CH Border

Star 1

Tree 1

Star 2

Tree 2

Hat Spinner


Hat Matrix

everything is grouped almost grouped properly but the border keeps jumping to the top. I am to the point now that changes to the prop setup make changes that I cant explain or follow. 

I'm hoping that someone that understands more how SS orders the row could take a look at my layout and offer assistance or an explanation as to what might be happening. 

I was hoping to be able to keep all the rows for each element grouped together. My current config is usable but my OCD keeps making me look at it. 

I can send the LEE file to anyone that is interested. 


Thanks for looking .



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I apologize for the disjointed read. I thought I could edit the content but if I can, I cant seem to find the button. 

If there are any questions about what i am asking for or talking about .. please let me know. 

I will try to proof read a little better in the future. 



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Thank you again for your time, knowledge and assistance. 

I have everything exactly where I want it and in an order that will make sequencing a breeze. 

I do have one question. What determines the "Auto Clip" rectangle on a matrix in the Text effect? 

I ask because when I select text, The rectangle is selecting row 1, col 1 up to row 1, col 12. The actual matrix is from row 1, col 1 to row 1, col 8.

Col 9 is blank, col 10 is the border, col 11 is the hat and col 12 is blank. recall that all these elements are part of the same prop.

(Note, the col's are incremented instead of the rows because of the horizontal orientation) 

I can set Manual Clip and force the size needed. I checked the Superstar parms in VIZ to make sure the Hat and border were set to matrix = no.

Not a deal breaker by any means ..just an OCD fueled, National Inquirer... Inquiring minds want to know ..... kind of moment... 




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One more interesting tid-bit regarding clipping...

It seems that when you use coordinates to place effects, if you want the effect to stay exclusively on that effect you have to set manual clipping in stead of no-clip.. 

Makes sense though.. since with no clip, an effect such as shockwave, fan or spiral wants to encompass the entire (all elements) grid. With manual clipping you can control the boundaries of the effect which is OUTSTANDING when you layout your SS grid with coordinates. Granular control of global effects. 

A little pearl brought to you by Captain Obvious.. but sometimes saying it out loud reinforces the understanding of what is happening.. so .... I said it .. :P





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Pertaining to the "auto clip" question, it is supposed to clip to the first matrix that it found, but there appears to be a bug because the first matrix ends at col 8 as you say, so that is where the auto clip region should end. So as you indicate, you will have to use "manual clip" to get it to clip properly.


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