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Thank You to Orville


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Orville told me if I ever needed assistance to contact him.

Today was that day.

We spent about an hour on the phone and he talked me through creating a show with the two sequences I had. Now I have 14 sequences on my SD card.

Thank you Orville now my little boys will have 4 singing pumpkin faces for Halloween.


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Glad I could be of help to get your show off the ground. 

You've got my number, so if you ever get stuck again or can't figure it out, you know where to find me. :)


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Glad to be of help guys.  

I'll do what I can and can give advice on what I do know and have learned from using the LOR software and equipment.  

Heck, I still don't know some of the tricks you can do with the software, occasionally I learn something new I didn't know how to do.  Or I learn an easier way to do something in the software I overlooked or missed, and I learned a lot from others here that share their information with us.

Seems there is *always* something to learn, no matter how good you think you get or how well you think you have a grasp on something, pow, here comes a post that shows how to do it easier. LOL

But I do what I can to help those coming into this with what I know how to do.  

Unfortunately I can't help with DMX or RGB stuff, that stuff is still well beyond me at this stage of my LOR Game. LOL  

Unfortunately I don't have singing faces, so I'm not much help there either.  

But what I do know, I'm more than happy to help when, or if I can, or at least point someone to another LOR member that does know and could possibly help them out.


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