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Minimum equipment for High Voltage, DMX, and Smart Pixel

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I am just starting out.  I know that i'm not going to be able to pull off everything perfectly but I'd like to buy all the equipment and software, to be able to accomplish the following for my Halloween decorations.  I am not going to do the typical setup outlining windows and the such.  I am more interested in just controlling my existing decorations with the controllers and such. Additionally adding a few moving headlights and smart pixel loops or trees.

High Volts- I would like to power my existing floods, specialty lights, etc.  I believe I can just buy the starter kit for this with 16 channels should be plenty.

Smart pixel - I want to make hoops or maybe trees.  I want to individually control each light to make it look like the light is moving.  I would probably only have 1 or 2 of these to start.  Does this add on to my starter package above? Or is it totally separate? Does it work with the same sequencing software that comes with the starter? What controllers and software do i need?  I'll reference youtube to actually make the hoops.  I just need to understand the controlling hardware and software.

Outdoor moving heads - same question as the smart pixel controller.  What do i need in terms of a DMX controller?  Does all this add on to a single network or am I creating several networks and a big disaster? Also, I was looking at some 75watt LED moving heads that have RGB color changing ability and draw patterns.  Can all of this be accomplished with LOR and the software that comes with it?


Thanks so much!  I might scale down to just the high voltage and DMX setup.  My head is spinning looking at all of this but I really would like more than just the high voltage controller this year.  I'll add more each following year.


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Since nobody has answered yet, I just did my best and guessed.  Maybe you can help me with my next question....


I have purchased the residential starter package with the pro software license.  I'll figure out how to sequence the lights on my own I hope.  But I also purchased these DMX 512 lights from amazon.  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01B5318TC/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Since I already have the starter package and software.  What else do I need to control these lights?



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not that I know much as a newbie myself, but..

For DMX you are going to need either the LOR iDMX1000 or an USB-DMX converter/dongle like an Enttec or compatible device i have 1 of these  Also some rgb/pixel controllers have built in DMX

converters. LOR's dmx page



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So, I got an enttech open DMX box and plugged it in and it works with the LOR software.  It's kind of weird because you have to frequently assign "dmx intensity" (or numbers) to each channel to make the DMX stuff work and LOR doesn't really make it obvious or easy but it works.  You can access the menus in the sequence editor by going to tools and the DMX intensity.

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