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Help with Halloween Sequence - newbie


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I am very new to the LOR community and just purchased the 16 channel starter kit. My wife saw this video on YouTube and really wants me to do something similar. I'm starting to feel the pressure before Halloween. Does anyone have a sequence similar to this to share or be willing to provide some recommendations. 

Many help would be greatly appreciated. 


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Pretty sure that's more than 16 channels in that video.

 And if I remember it's all done with the basic LOR CTB16PC residential 16 channel controllers.  I think you may need 2 controllers to pull off that particular display, maybe more for everything in that display.  I may be wrong, but I'd think all that would require more than 16 channels.   I'm pretty sure that house was or is a forum member here, hopefully they'll see your post here and can comment on what they used and how many channels it took to pull it all off, as in the number of actual controllers you'd need.

No RGB stuff as far I remember, just multiple spotlights in different colors controlled by the CTB16PC controller.  Same with the lightning, just standard bright flood lamps.  Again, trying to go on memory, but I've read about so many different displays and channel counts, how many controllers it required and the lights used, I'll never remember them all exactly.   So just giving my best recall on this one.

Again, hopefully they are still a member here on the LOR Forum and will see your post and give you better answers than I can.

Good Luck and welcome to the madness, er, "addiction". ;)


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Thank you Orville.  I would be fine with just being able to setup 8 channels for lightning/thunder and 8 channels for some colored flood lights with random lighting effects.  I have a small house and wanted to keep it simple this year.  If I can find a sequence that includes some lightning and spooky sounds (no animation), I would be set. Can anyone out there help me out to get started?  Thanks so much.

Yes, the madness has begun! :) 

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Found the youtube link and they stated it was 32  channel.


Wowlighting.com has a LOR thunder/ligthning sequence.  Mightcheck it out to see what lights they recommend for the effect and how many channels it take...I know it less than 32.  While the mp3 they provide wouldn't include the other "halloween sounds", it would be a quick option for getting the thunderstorm effect.   Imagine there's way  down the road to bring in addtionall sound effects.


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If you're using music and want to add thunder sounds, you'd need some type of audio editor that would allow you to merge the files where the thunder sounds and other spooky sounds would mesh with the music.    My MP3 editor will let me add to an MP3, but I've found no way to mesh them over each other in that.  So a work-around I found was to convert the MP3 to WAV format, find sound effects in WAV format and then use a WAV Editor to merge the two together so the spooky sounds, thunder, etc. will play over the music playing with no breaks in the music file.

It takes a bit of work and patience, but it can be done.   And it can drive you insane trying to mesh the two together in a way you'd like.   But, like stated, it can be done with a WAV Editor, then you can convert that WAV file with the music and sound effects back to an MP# file using an MP3 audio editor that allows conversion of different audio files to another audio file type, like WAV, MP3, AMR, etc.

Good Luck.

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check your messages Ramsey

Thanks for tip mpageler you reminded me I have two old strobe lights somewhere, might have to find them and set them up for my lightning and thunder sequence

On 24/09/2016 at 8:44 PM, james morris said:

I have thunder sequence

James, you have everything :)


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