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LOTS of Incandescents


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Hello everyone,

Since I am now animating my show, I've completely switched over to LED.  I have got a LOT of incandescent lights and I'm not sure what to do.  I know that Lowe's and Home Depot will offer credit towards LED purchases, but I buy my LED lights through HLE so that really doesn't help me.  Many of them are still in good shape so I don't want to just throw them away.  I've been thinking of having a local yard sale and selling them for .25 a piece, but I was wondering if anybody on here wanted incandescents or had any other ideas.  I don't have a complete inventory, but here is what I do have:

  • An entire box of empty C7 and C9 sockets - probably at least 15-20 strings total.
  • Sorted C7 and G40 bulbs, sorted by color.  I have clear, red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, and purple C7 bulbs, both in blinking and steady varieties, and I probably have at least 50 of each.
  • Tons of Mini lights - most of them strings of 100, in clear, multi, red, green, blue, amber, and even some combo strings like red/green, red/white, and blue/frosted white.  Probably over 150 strings in total.
  • A few strings of mini motion lights - a couple are 200 lights, one is 300 lights in length.

If anybody is interested in coming to see, I live in Fresno, California - you can get my address off of my display website.  Send me a PM if interested.

And if you're not interested, and have any ideas on a good way to get rid of them (even if I don't make money, I don't want them to just be thrown away), please let me know.

Thank you!


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A couple of years ago I was in the same boat. I don't remember for sure, But I had a lot of new ones and old ones. I throwed out the worst ones and then donated the rest to a couple of church's in my area.


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I would be interested in the mini lights if u want to sell them for .25 let me know

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