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Adding new RGB channels to a device


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Hi all,

So, I have tried to find an answer for myself but totally stuck...

This is my first year of sequencing, and I have managed to make pretty good progress thanks to a few of you for tips and sharing sequences.

One thing I am totally stumped on though is the following..

If I have a sequence that someone has been good enough to share with me, and that sequence has a device in it (say a pixel strip with 20 pixels) and I want to use that part of the sequence to map to a device I have that has 40 pixels - how do I go about it?

I tried inserting a new device into the sequence with the 40 pixels and then I tried copying the top level device (without expanding it) but once I expanded out the new device it had only copied the 20 lines. For straight on/off twinkle type effects this is fine, I can copy straight down. But when the sequence has a chase, then the copying to more channels becomes a bit more complicated and not sure if there is an easy way to expand the sequence to the other channels and maintain the timings.






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