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Hi all, so I just got my summer sale order in the mail and now going through it all as this in my first LOR equipment. Anyway I got the RGB flood plug N play package. I s that they sale flood extension cords with the plugs on the ends already but do you know what kind of 4 pin plug they are and where I could buy just the plugs so I can make my own custom length extension cords. I don't want to have to plug a lot of these premade cords in together to get the lenths I may need and really don't want to remove the short tails in the cabinet with the card in it. Thanks for any help.

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Dyi LEDs Expess has some wateproof connectors pigtails and so does.  Ray Wu  from China.  And Holiday Coro  however you have to really look at what you have because they all look similar but they are little different 

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As Dennis says, anything you may find very likely will have a different wire color and/or a different pin out. You will need to confirm which pin goes to which color wire and then translate that to the flood wiring and the dangle. I use a multimeter to check the continuity, and a 9 Volt battery with wires soldered to the terminals to check everything.

I have seemingly identical connectors from Ray with a different pin outs.

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The LOR plugs are different from all those plugs.  The LOR plugs are small round 4 pin plugs.  Ray's plugs are much larger.  I assume the same of the DIY pigtails.  HolidayCoro definitely does not have the LOR sized pigtails.   The floods themselves comes with some length...i want to say 15' or so. But if you want to create your own extensions...those places listed do not have these small LOR plugs.

I personally try to keep all my lights on the same 4 plug system so that I can use the extensions across the board.  And I find making my own plugs to be less cost effective than purchasing the pre mades.  Ray had his 5' cables on sell a couple years ago and I pounced on it.  But all my extensions come pre made from Ray.  After I wasted time creating my own the first year.....

That said, if you want to increase the length of your LOR floods on your own you have a few choices:

1) Buy extensions from LOR.  This was my choice after much debate.

2) Cut into the LOR Flood cable, add whatever cable length required for your extension then re-solder it all back together.

3) Create an adapter plug where one end goes from LOR 4 pin to whatever 4 pin you buy using the pigtail supplied that was intended to go to the controller....then create your extension and add a pigtail to your controller.

4) Cut off the LOR 4 pin, add your 4 pin then create your extensions.

I am not 100% sure, but cutting the cable I believe voids the warranty.  So if that is important, then options 1 and 3 are the only options you have.



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I purchased a DIY LED Express extension a few weeks back, and it works *perfectly* with the LOR floods. They're out of stock now, but more are arriving soon. I plan to use them this year.

And I've heard from several people that you can do 30-40' (total)on those without a problem. The existing cord length on LOR's floods is, I believe, 16'.

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