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Need someone who custom makes sequences. Im a newbie willing to pay for the help


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Ok everyone, so I am only a tiny bit familiar with making the sequences...  since I have been practicing only a couple weeks. I made a few (easy) songs but There is one song I just can not seem to tackle. I have spent over a week on it and have grown frustrated because I feel like my sequences are all doing the same thing. I am new to  LOR this year and only have the 16 channel starter. Honestly I am just stressed and between the Mrs upcoming surgery,  the stress of the kids and work I just cant seem to focus on this one song for some odd reason. I know this is a learning process but other songs are fine, Just this one I am having the hardest time on and looking for maybe an outsider to make a few bucks and design it for me. Nomatter what I just cant figure out what I want to do on this one.

My question is

Is there anyone who custom designs sequences that is willing to trade a fee for their creativity using my channel export / animation? I have the layout but am having the hardest time trying to come up with something for Wizards in Winter by Transsiberian orchestra. At this point I am just out of ideas and figured maybe someone up to the task with more knowledge would offer their services for a fee (i dont mind paying at this point) I just really need an outsiders prospective on this one. Sure I could buy one on ebay but I am not able to change channels and visualize yet. As I said I am still new and honestly just getting overwhelmed with this so I need to take a step back and ask for help and someones vision. In all honesty with her surgery coming up I just cant seem to focus right now as my nerves are on edge and the easy songs I can do I just cant seem to have a vision for this one song. So I am trying to find someone with knowledge and ideas to take creativity and come up with something. Again, I am not asking for a hand out, Im offering to pay you for your time. I just have a lot on my plate and having a hard time with this one song.

I am still a novice so I am not familiar with visualizing it all just yet. I can for easy songs but I am just not getting this song at all and the Mrs wants the song period. If anyone can point me in the right direction of someone who designs custom sequences, I would greatly appreciate it. I have the channel layout file and the animation so maybe someone can get creative for me since I have just about given up on the hard stuff since this is my first year and I am too busy with the doctors visits and such and then I will be trying to get Halloween done.


Either way thank you for taking the time to read. Hope this isnt a forbidden thing to ask on here. I'm still new so forgive me if it is a no-no

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I'd be willing to come up with something, but I'd have to charge you my client rate. Good design and sequencing is not a result of some money. It truly takes time and energy; it's just the way things work.

Unfortunately there's not many people here who can do custom sequencing...or have time for it. There are more than a few sagas of individuals who haven't received programming on time with payment sent. Keep your head up though!

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You can scroll down to the sequence sharing forum and go down to the free and fee based sequences thread and find older free sequences to adapt to your show. it doesn't matter if they are large sequences just find channels that match your elements and copy an paste to your sequence. If you are gonna have 6 mini trees find an element in free sequence with 6 items and copy and paste.

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A 32 channel sequence can that be run on 16 channel controller.  I am a total noob bought the plug and play sequence but want to get some songs that more people recognize..   Thanks.


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I can't speak for anyone else, but I've done custom sequencing since 2009, and having my own display as well, there's simply no way I'd be in a position to take on a new client this time of the year.  At any price.  I know everyone is different, but my schedule usually fills by early February. 

Wizards is a good song for beginners who are just learning to sequence.  You can also find probably half a gazillion free Wizards sequences out there, some of which are actually pretty good.  Watch for viruses, though. 

Regarding shared sequences, the more channels they have the better.  Just because they're there doesn't mean you have to use them all.  But it gives you more options from which to choose.  And more channels usually increases your odds of finding better quality sequencing.  Contrary to advice above however, you need to make every effort to find similar types of display elements as what you have.  You can't just willy-nilly cut and paste simply because the channel count matches.  I've got six-channel spinners with sequencing that people tell me is pretty good.  Yet that same 'pretty good' sequencing would probably look somewhere between stupid and hideous if it was used for six mini trees. 

Regarding Wizards though - no matter who does the sequencing, 16 channels is pretty skimpy for that song.  Just saying ...

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