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Entire LOR Display for Sale

Kent Stutzman

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Selling my entire LOR display.  Had a great time with them, but moving on to pixels.  This is an inexpensive way for someone to get into the hobby or for those looking to expand or looking for new ideas.  All lights are incandescent mini lights unless stated otherwise.  Can ship controllers, CCR and LED spool lights (buyer pays shipping from California).  The rest is quite heavy and best to sell to those who can pick up in north Orange County, California.  Used strands may have some fading or chipping.  Most not bad in my opinion, but this is subjective.  I would estimate that 90% of the strands will work straight out of the box.  The rest may need work to get them going.  Prices negotiable, especially to someone who wants all the heavy, bulky stuff.  All sold as is.
(3) CTB16PC's - board soldered by LOR with LOR input and output cords and heat sink, about 8 years old, $125 each.  One has misaligned RJ45 module but still works fine $100.
(3) CCRs - about 8 years old, $100 each.  One CCR has one pixel where the red intermittently doesn't work; all other pixels are fine $80 
Incandescent strands, Walmart, 100 bulbs
Red-Green-White combined strands - 34 used sets (102 strands)
Red - 1 new, 2 used
Green - 11 new, 3 used
White - 25 used
Blue - 6 new, 1 used
Multi - 1 new
Purple - 4 new
Yellow - 1 new, 2 used, Home Depot, 70 bulbs
Orange - 1 used, 50 bulbs
All 160 strands for $100
Incandescent nets, Walmart
Red - 2 new and 11 used
White - 12 used
Blue - 10 used
All 35 nets for $50
Incandescent Icicles - 1 new and 36 used, various brands,  150 - 300 lights each,  $37 for all
LED C6 faceted multicolor - 3 new spools of 200 bulbs each, $45 for all
Extension cords - 6' (6), 9' (7), 12' (35), 15' (6), larger male prong ground down so they can be plugged into the end of a strand, $35 for all
Other miscellaneous items to add to a display.  Lots of new circuit ideas.  Some are used and may need some work.  I won't ship these items so would need buyer(s) local to pick up.  Looking for $150 for all but no reasonable offer refused.
(6) 6.5' Colorado Pine artificial tree with multicolor lights - 6 full trees (not stick or pole trees), were white but have turned tan with age, used outside ($40 each at Walmart)
(4) 4' Indiana Spruse with artificial tree with multicolor lights - 4 full trees (not stick or pole trees),  were white but have turned tan with age, used outside ($25 each at Walmart)
(2) 6' multi color spiral tree - 2 trees, spiral plastic rising up to top of center pole
(2) 7' Random Twinkle string tree with star - 200 clear lights on vertical strands from base circle to top, 2 trees
11' Twinkle Lightstring tree with star - clear lights lights on vertical strands from base circle to top
(4) 6.5' wide green swag with red holographic bow - 4 of these,  metal wireframe that unfolds, green lights on swag and red translucent plastic for bow
White rope light - 180' cut in 16 pieces (talking face with 6 mouth and 6 eye positions), all with male plugs
Blue rope light - 20'
Plastic candy canes -  12 canes 12" tall, lighted
C9 strand - 25 multi color bulbs
G40 strand - 2" diameter round bulbs - 25 bulbs (new)
G40 strand with stakes - 5 strands of (25) 2" diameter round bulbs with stakes, good for planter or walkway
Blue faceted LED mini light strand - 60 bulbs (new)
Lighted Nativity scene - 48" W x 36" H, (100 mini lights behind colored translucent plastic)
Holographic Santa Window Decoration - 50 mini lights behind translucent plastic, 19" tall, new
"Tune To 10X.X FM" coro sign and stand, you insert mini lights for your frequency (new)
(71) Red velvet bows - 10" wide x 14" tall, new
(7) Red and green velvet bows - 14"W x 24" tall, New
(2) Light String Saver - new
Light Keeper Pro

Sale Items 10.png

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