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Tracks and Loops


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I just discovered this today.
I was creating some templates for this year and I started with 1 track, 28 channels.
I created a chase sequence for my 4 leaping arches in white.
I then added another track for red and another for green. (Tracks 2 & 3)
I created a loop that spanned all three color changes and set it to loop 10 times.
When I played it back, the arches leaped from one to the other and cycled through the 3 colors. On the 2nd loop, only track 1 would continue looping. Tracks 2 and 3 did not and continued playing for the duration of the animation.
See example below:

Loop |------------------------------------------------------------------|
Track 1***************
Track 2 **************
Track 3 **************

Am I missing something?
Is it because there are no loop levels for tracks other than track 1?

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You can turn on loops for the additional tracks under the 'Edit' menu. You will have to create the loop information again to match the main track.


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