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Still waiting for your shipment from Asia


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I always saw those containers on the CSX UPS freight trains that come through Florida.  Now the railroads won't touch anything from Hanjin for fear of not getting paid.  They are the worlds main freight shipping company for across the seas shipments, looks like that's about to end and put us all in a state of economic disaster worldwide!

That means no new Halloween or Christmas lights and other decorations, clothes, the biggest majority of dry goods.   Looks like this could cause a lot of possible stores to go out of business, since they won't be able to replenish stock in retail stores across the globe!   This is probably going to be bad, real bad for the economy for everyone.

Also makes it appear that any overseas orders may not make it here, and that would include pre-orders that many companies rely on to get goods to the consumer.

This one should have everyone worried, since this is, in all probability is going to be one of the biggest financial disasters in history!


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I think this may be bad for everyone.  I get everything from Ray via DHL and that is air, so probably won't effect that except I would expect a bit higher pricing for awhile


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Just will have to wait it out and see.

Glad I haven't ordered those electronic components from China on eBay to repair some of my trains smoke units.  Fortunately the parts aren't critical and only used for their smoke units, which I'll just leave disabled for now.  But will have to check eBay and see how this affects the "free shipping" as well as other items I was watching there now.

But from that article it just doesn't sound too good. 

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