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12 Arm RGB Spinner ** Looking **


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Hey guys...

I'm working on building the prop for the Boscoyo ChromaHatMatrix (I referenced it in a different post)...

I have the matrix (EASY in S4) ... I have the border and I have a pretty good idea to finish the hat.

What I need is a 12 arm spinner. The CHM spinner is 6x12 (6 pixels per arm and 12 arms)

finding one would make life easier and faster .. but .. If I cant .. I'll have to build one ..

Once complete I'll offer up the CHM to the forum.

Thanks for looking ..




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Any suggestions on how to draw this?

1st arm is the vertical one.. pixel one is in the center.

Next arm starts at the top of the 1 o'clock arm and goes back to the center.

The same zig zag pattern continues all the way around.

I really need the whole thing to be available as a single prop.

Any HELP ??





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Hope the picture got it all ...

But here it is .. The Boscoyo ChromaHatMatrix

Its built in several pieces ..

The spinner, the hat is actually 3 pieces, the matrix border and the matrix.

I'm sure I will have to fiddle with it to get SuperStar to display it the way I want .. I may have to tap Brian for some help ..

BUT .. here it is ..





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lol, after reading all that I'm still not quite sure what your asking for. I built a spinner last year and made a video of how I made the viz file. I used 2 visualizer files a "real" and "row" file. I had to do it custom. My spinner is a 12 leg, 8 led per leg. I used LOR CCP's and had to cut the strings and solder them back together where I needed them. The hardest part was manipulating the Visualizer Row and Real files to display the way I wanted to make sequencing easier. It may not be the way you might do it, but you are welcome to the files.

Here is the thread for the Pixel Spinner

and here is a link to the How I made the visualizer files for the Pixel Spinner , heh I think I remember I rambling on a lot. I made this video, while I was recovering from knee replacement surgery, so pain killers were involved. Hope it makes sense.:rolleyes:


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Sorry for the delay in response. 

Thank you for the video and the tips ... 

I now have a working VIZ file for the Boscoyo ChromaHatMatrix




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