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Tracks: How to separate timing


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Hello all,

    Ok so this is my first show and slowly but surely its coming together. My question is, I have two tracks one for my singing face and the other for all the background lighting. Is there a way to be able to adjust the timing in one track without it changing it in the other? When I try to correct details in the faces track in affects the timing in my other track (floods, strings, so forth). Thanks

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Hi gil7858,

Welcome to the addiction! :D

As far as I know the tracks are a type of grouping of your channels. It's helpful when working on certain channels like your signing faces or if you want certain effects only on single colors across several controllers etc. The different tracks are played on the same sequence. The timing marks are for the sequence so if you make any timing adjustments to the SEQUENCE, it effects the whole sequence not one track or the other. My recommendation would be to get all your timings down for your signing faces then go back to your background lighting and add the effects you want there. That way you won't mess up one or the other. Hope this helps.




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If you're only working with a single timing grid, then yes, any changes you make to the timing marks will show in both tracks.

You can have more than one timing grid in each sequence.  You can use one timing grid in one track and another timing grid in the second track.  You can swap out/in timing grids any time you want.

Changing timing grids (or timing marks) does NOT affect existing sequencing.  You can remove all timing marks and your sequencing will be exactly the same as it was before.

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Try the skew track feature in SE I think it will make the adjustments without affecting both tracks, I am not 100% sure on this as I only use one track and use multiple timings for my sequences.


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