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Sequencing Pixels - Multiple Props


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I'm just getting started with a big pixel project this year.  Last year I only did 1 grid using pixel editor, which was pretty easy.

This year, I am adding 5000 pixels.  My challenge is inserting multiple props (a few grids, mega tree, roof line, smaller trees in yard) and finding the easiest way to sequence them all.  I think Superstar may be the right place for this.  I'm guessing I could insert each prop individually in pixel editor, but then trying to program them all separately will be tough.  I've seen videos where pixels throughout the entire yard and house almost seem to be one big video.

I am new to this whole pixel universe.  Any advice or links to save me some time and effort would be much appreciated.  I have the latest software for both pixel editor and superstar.  I just don't know the best way to put it all together.

Thanks,  Dennis

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It takes some time, but most people like placing props in groups on the sequencing grid. To do this put all the fixtures that belong in a group into the same prop. And then you can click on the superstar button for that prop and specify an row, column coordinate for that prop. You can also specify a row, column coordinate for each fixture in the prop and realize that the row, column coordinates for fixtures will be relative to the prop they are in. You normally will only need to specify a row, column for the prop and leave the row, column for the fixture unspecified.

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