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Using E1.31 without Network Connectivity. IP Questions.

Santas Helper

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So I am wanting to use the E1.31 connection for pixel controllers.

The computer I'm using isn't connected to the internet. It is Windows XP.

I searched for the IP address and none exists on the computer.

Where do I go from here? Just type in the IP assigned by default on the controller?

What about the Subnet mask? Default gateway? And then the DNS server address?

I also have a ethernet switch on the way. Is this all that is needed?

I have advance license so I'm not worried about that or upgrading to Pro.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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To get to the computer address to change it or whatever go here:

Windows start

Control Panel

Network and Internet

Network and Sharing Center

Change Adapter Settings

Right Click Local Area Connection

Right Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP4)

Click Properties

Your IP and subnet mask will be in there. You can set the IP to something like 192.168.*.*  and set the subnet to 

DNS you don't need to worry about since you are not connecting to the internet.

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Thanks Mr P, I got to the spot to make changes, just needed to know what to put in those fields or not put in those fields.

So the subnet doesn't matter or should I put in what you suggested?

What about the Default Gateway?

DNS I won't worry about.

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