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Newbie looking for 16 or 32 channel Halloween


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Hey everyone. 

    I'm new and excited to get ready I've made a six channel pumpkin and a 20 ft 6 channel spider web. More to come. If any one is willing to share some sequences I would be grateful. Thanks Andrew. 


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Hey James, I'm also a first year rookie with LOR.  if you could also send me some 16 channel Halloween and Christmas sequences, you would become my new best friend.  glend100@hotmail.com    THANKS BUNCHES!

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Hi...  Not to sound like a mooch, but may I PLEASE beg to get something I can save to my setup to use on Halloween?

I JUST bought the 16 channel unit during the sale,

Although I haven't got the hardware yet, I did buy the PRO version of the software (and am LOST)

I have been watching youtube vids, and reading this forum for a few days.

But, I admit I'm a total NOOB.  (and have a LOT of reading to do) 

I just need SOMETHING to start with (preferably Halloween noise/lights) that I can edit, if needed.

She don't know I bought it yet, but will if she's home when it gets delivered!

I'd LOVE to be the one home, when it's delivered, and have a SOMETHING working with at least a couple strings of lights thrown about the inside of the house before she gets home....

I posted for the same help in a MUCH older topic, then found this one to be more current. (If mods want to remove the other one, feel free)

PLEASE HELP before she asks "can you figure it out?" ;)

Thanks, Gordon

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Hi James,

If you have some Halloween sequences configurable for 32 channels I would super appreciate having a look. Just joined LOR recently and have been sequencing but will not have enough time to show off my lights and would greatly appreciate it.




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I'm with phlash73.  I'm looking for basics with creepy sounds and thunderstorms, etc.  basics for Halloween.



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