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Frozen Night 2016 Preview


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Santa Claus Lane is a Light-O-Rama display in Clovis, California featuring over 160,000 lights on 16 homes synchronized to music.  This year, one of the walking nights will be Frozen Night, featuring seven songs from the movie.  Since this hasn't actually occurred yet, the video is actually a capture of the visualizer.  The bottom half shows the sixteen homes - the two lines on each home represent the upper and lower eaves, and each circle in front of each home is a mini tree made with tomato cages.  The top represents the features that are unique to the home of Deb Toews - four singing trees, a CCR tree, a mega tree, eight arches, and four eight-channel light columns, each with a three-channel star on top.  There are over 750 Light-O-Rama channels and 1,800 RGB channels on the CCR tree.  This year, I programmed about half of their display, and Deb did the other half.  Depending on the complexity of the song, it takes me anywhere between 6 and 9 hours of work for every 1 minute of music to program the Light-O-Rama channels.

Also, some credits:

LOR Programming - Me
Singing Faces - Me (available for purchase through www.seasonalsequences.com)
CCR Tree - Todd (available for purchase through www.seasonalsequences.com)

If you live anywhere close to us, be sure to check out Santa Claus Lane, opening on Black Friday!  Thank you!

-Scott J. Davis

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That's quite amazin

how do you link all the LOR controllers over such long distances?

I'm not involved in this project, so others may give details. The distance is not that great. Remember that the RS-485 standard is good for just over three quarters of a mile, and there are techniques that will increase that. They may also be using ELLs for part of it (getting across a street would be a good use for ELLs, for example).

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On 9/20/2016 at 8:27 PM, OzAz said:

That's quite amazin

how do you link all the LOR controllers over such long distances?

Hello, I can answer these questions as well.

@OzAz - For the 2017 show, the main control house will have two ELL units - one for the Aux C network and one for the Aux D network.  It was necessary to assign each side of the street its own network due to the number of channels now in the show.  On the receiving end, every single house also has its own ELL unit, mounted about 7 feet up on a pole that has been painted black, and stuck in the ground fairly close to the sidewalk so that the units have good line of sight.

@EmmienLightFan - As Deb said, each of those dots represents a mini tree.  Aside from the elements that are unique to the Toews' house, every house element is decorated with WRGB super strings, with each color and each element individually controlled.  Every house has upper eaves, lower eaves, and six or more mini trees.  The mini trees are made with three 33" tomato cages inside each other (offset for a more circular appearance) and a 400-light super string (100 of each color) wound around it.  I forget the total LOR channel count (not including the Toews' CCR tree) but I think it was around 800 LOR channels.

Last year their show had just 26 trees - 16 on their house, 8 on their neighbors' house, and 2 on another.  This year we built an additional 82 mini trees, bringing the total to 108.

Programming for this year's show was both fun and exhausting, and I am getting more and more excited as we are just over two months away from opening night!

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