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A Thousand Years - Christina Perri


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I know it is not exactly Christmas music but what is Christmas about, if not love? 

One of the most infectious love songs I have heard.

I have created 2 sequences for the same song. One of the sequences has the RGB and LED effects generated by Superstar and the other sequence has the RGB effects generated by XLights.

Included is the .lee file from my visualizer so you can see how it plays in my display.

RGB effects included for a pixel roofline, a "pixel curtain" and a 16 strand pixel tree.

The 96 LEDchannels include a 32 channel mega tree and 16 channels for mini trees

The file is zipped and quite large so be patient with the download.

Please give me your email if you would like a copy



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If your still sharing I would like a copy as well.  Thanks in advance.  


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I'd love to have a copy as well.


Thank you for generously sharing your hard work.

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Sounds perfect to me!  I would love a copy


I agree with Jerry, thanks for your generosity!

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