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Nightmare On My Street and Time Warp CCR Sequences


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Well the 2 new CCR Tree sequences on now on the site available in 12 and 16 Ribbon and will also be on Matrix as well soon

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince-A Nightmare On My Street


Patricia Quinn-Time Warp


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I purchased the Thriller sequence for the tree and it's great!  I'm working on Five Nights at Freddy's for the tree.  Any plans to release more tree sequences before Halloween?

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Yes there will be more..... Five nights at Freddy's Break My Mind is coming soon we are back into pure sequencing mode after a 2 week layoff from sequencing for me Doctors orders hahahahaha to take it easy for awhile but I miss sequencing so I figure 2 weeks was good enough break will not get into what happened but it is what it is.. Danny Elfman Kidnap the Sandy Claws just got finished today and is available on the site as well as MC Hammer-Addams Family Groove. Jerry the spacing on the matrix is 1-3/4 I just received the matrix boards yesterday and they will be put on the site as well sometime this weekend Made of ABS plastic I tried one out and the images on the new matrix boards are wicked. Heck I might cover my entire front of my house next year with these matrix boards hahahahahahaha.

Here are the videos in 16 ribbon

MC Hammer-Addams Family Groove:


Danny Elfman-Kidnap The Sandy Claws


There are several more new ones coming out soon as well as the ones from the matrix sequences are getting converted. 

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I will keep an eye out, not gonna set one up for this year, but next year we want to expand out Halloween show. This year was about adding RGB lights for the Christmas and Halloween show and building an 8 foot RGB spider web. Matrix on the Garage door will be a huge addition that will really make the show pop.

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1 hour ago, angelmj08 said:

Will put them up either later on tonight or tomorrow

Ok, might order the star and matrix at same time, ship them together maybe.

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On 9/7/2016 at 4:20 PM, kingfish said:

any chance you whipping this guy up

in faces I'm a buyer and I am sure others would good Halloween seq

There you go all done

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