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Reverse channel creation order


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I couldn't find a question that was exactly like mine here but I highly doubt I've been the first one to ask or need this.  Unfortunately creating RGB channel order doesn't seem to be something I've been able to easily figure out.  Here's my problem.  I want to create, let's say two strands of 50 pixels:

1-50 for the first strand

100 - 51 for the second strand.  So if you're looking top to bottom in the sequence editor it would jump from 50 to 100 and then count down to 51.

The only way I could figure out how to do this was to drag RGB channels into a new order.  That's fine for 1 strand, but I have many I need to do this for in order to accommodate some imports from other as well as some migrations I'm doing of my own sequences.  Doing it by hand dragging and dropping also introduces tons of opportunity for human error.  I know there are ways to accomplish on the controllers (Zig Zag but this won't fit all my scenarios), but for my own needs I'd rather it be done in the sequences.  All I'm wondering is whether I'm missing a simpler way to change the channel order in the sequence editor so that my copy and paste (import) will overlay properly with my new configurations.

I hope there is either a simpler way or a tool someone has created that will allow me to create channels and select ascending or descending.  Then I can create a channel mapping and import it over my existing sequences and be good to go.  Thanks in advance!

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People have asked this before  I believe you have to do it one channel at a time that's why most people use the ZIG-ZAG layout in the controllers

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Unfortunately, I'm not a developer so I couldn't make something to do this for me.  But after reviewing the XML layout in the channel configuration file and with some help from excel autofill...a couple copy and pastes into an XML editor and I was in business saving me about 6 hours of dragging and dropping thousands of RGB channels :)

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nmiller: I have written a little utility I call the "Universe Creator" which I use to create channel configs for pixel strips on a DMX pixelnet controller.  I can do them in RGB order, GRB order, BRG order, etc. and can do them in forward or reverse order.

Alas, the utility program is very much "alpha" software and very quirky, so I can't share it (yet, I have plans to eventually).

If you give me all the details, I will generate a channel config for you.


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DrWizard: Thanks for the response and offer.  I managed to script something myself to modify the XML once I figured out the pattern LOR uses.  It was something basic built solely to fit my needs and was good enough.  Though, for the future, I'd definitely like to see your tool once it's ready for primetime...or at least somewhere close to that :)

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