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We just rolled out our 12 Ribbon and 16 Ribbon WS2811 E1.31 Tree Packages as well as:

8 Channel Starburst (uses a pixel sleeve instead of individual pixel strips) Will have video later on  tonight or tomorrow

RGB Arch packages

And one of the latest sequences available in 12 and 16 ribbon

Alvin and the Chipmunks: All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth


All Sequences are done in Light O Rama and Superstar. CCR Tree, House Light Sequences, Singing Trees, Halloween Sequences, Halloween Matrix Sequences, as well as 4th of July Matrix sequences. 

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Team Holiday has had a very very busy year so far!

I hope that everyone is enjoying our new sequences and RGB products we have been rolling out.

Robert has been working tirelessly to make sure the  holiday lighting community had a wonderful choice of QUALITY SEQUENCES,  great  equipment and new innovative props....

I think He's holding out though........ I know that I've seen pictures and video of a Starburt prop.........

Drum roll please..................................................................





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OMG.. Now you are into a full package deal? Team Holiday will make several shows brighter this year for sure... +1 Great Job and loved the sequence.



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If yer looking for new idea for next year, and want to do an off the wall funny song, Twas the Night after Christmas by Jeff Foxworthy. I know i would buy it.

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