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This was my first year to build a display, and as I have a tendency to do, I got in way over my head. Without fail, every question that came up, I found the answer here without having to ask.

There is such an amazing spirit of genuine caring and support here. Everyone really tries to help everyone else without the need to make them feel inferior for not knowing the answer (and in some cases, not even really knowing the question). The level of support here is better than professional support I have gotten with any computer related support center I have ever been forced to deal with.

I guess the point of all of this, is just to say thank you to all of the honestly brillant folks who demonstrate amazing patience in the solution of all my problems. So many times I read the answers, and really have little or no idea what you are talking about. As I continue to read, the information always seems to be reduced to a level that I begin to understand.

I constantly read this forum, almost as a form of personal education. Based on the apparent personalities of the folks with the answers, if I ever couldn't find the answer to my question, I would never hesitate to ask here.

Honestly, for a group of people who are so smart not to project a sense of arrogance towards others or each other is extremely rare.

So, once again, Thank you. And a special thanks to Dan who has created this environment and spirit for all of these amazing people to gather in.

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I agree 100% with mwilliams. I have been a member of other forums (non-Christmas) and most times you will get some members that are very condescending towards new members. They seem to forget that at some point we were all newbies.


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