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Hi My name is Ian

New to light o rama

purchased the starter kit last year been playing with the programs but no closer to starting a show  :(

was looking forward to 2016 but I do not think I will be ready as very hard to get the sequences right

As I live in Sydney Aust  not tooo many people use Light O rama  so feeling alone here

Where can I get come Free sequences to give me a good start ??

by the way I only have 16 channel starter  kit

So please don't chuckle

Thanks in advance

any help will be enjoyed by all

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If you do a google search, you'll find an overwhelming number of sequences to download.

good luck and welcome aboard.


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Welcome to our hobby/Addiction! There's a learning curve for the software but its not near as hard as it first appears. Its actually quite easy. Several places have sequences for sale that will get you going, including LOR itself. Yes, lots of free sequences out there. If you are having trouble on your own, getting the beat to sync up to the lights or timing issues, make sure your MP3 file is CBR and not VBR. CBR=Constant Bit Rate, VBR=Variable Bit Rate. Use Audacity or similar free audio editor to change to CBR. I'm assuming you're already communicating with the controller and able to control the lights. Many of us have sequences we'll gladly share but like in my case, they are for 176 AC channels and tons of pixel changes. With just 16 channels, you can do this and be ready in time. Watch some of the videos here in the forum as well as searching on YouTube and etc. to get ideas. Again, welcome!

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