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New 6 Channel RGB Star and Sequences


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Well here are just some of things Holidaysequences (Team Holiday) has been working on. Customers have asked for RGB star sequences and we responded. A whole lot more will be coming out soon 

Here is the 6 Channel 36" RGB Star  and the 6 channel 42" RGB star (the 36" star is designed to be used with the 12 ribbon CCR or WS2811 tree. The 42" star is specifically designed to be used with the 16 Ribbon CCR or WS2811 Tree) the 42" star is exclusively only sold on Holidaysequences.com

Sample of Star Video:


Monique Danielle-Carol of The Bells RGB Star in action:


RGB Star Sequences are now available on Holidaysequences.com (Videos will be coming out soon)


Sequences Just released as of today:

Bob Rivers-The Twelve pains of Christmas


Monique Danielle-Carol of The Bells:


Mannheim Steamroller-Carol of the Bells:


Bob Seger Little Drummer Boy:


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Dude is there anything you and Team Holiday can't do. Those star's are going to be a hit and check your email as I need two of the big ones and two smaller ones for the show this year. Nice sequencing to... 



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Well Jeff all I can say is we just have a blast in doing what we do. And the stars I will pack up and get them to you. There will be more coming out as well. I have secured some song licenses from some artist which are cool like..OH Larry (Kingfish) The deal with Rock Sugar is completed so thought I would bring that up as well as another artist Tim Walters who does the Christmas Rhapsody is a fun one remake of Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody for Christmas and some more exclusive products coming out soon. Like I said we are just having a blast..... 

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