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SanDevices - Replacing Parallax CPU Tips?


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I got a replacement Parallax CPU from SanDevices for my e6804. Any tips on removing old CPU?  Can you just grasp it and pull up on it. Or do you need to insert a small screwdriver between CPU and socket to pry it up?




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I have done it the way you describe, successfully, but I have also bent the pins that way too. You will probably be OK if you don't care about the old chip. If you do, you may want to get a chip removal tool.

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Can I assume you are replacing the chip because it's bad?  If so, there is not much of an issue of damaging the old one.

If you have a real chip puller, use it, but if not, use a small flat screwdriver and start on one corner and lift the CPU just a little bit.  Then move to the other three corners of the chip and lift a little bit.  Continue to move from corner to corner raising the chip a little bit each time.  This way you can get the old chip out without bending the pins.  The E6804 makes this easy because both ends of the CPU are accessible.


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