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New Manual released. Version 2016.27


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New release of Users Manual. Version 2016.27

Thanks again to out tech writers
Gerard Machado
Kevin Pankratz
Steve Giron

They are almost caught up! 

Previous manual release was 2016.22, this 2016.27. I will include the README for the versions that they added. This allows you to see how much they have to write. (or delete). The next release of xLights will remove the Papagayo tab. 

README notes on the extra versions this manual has added.
2016.27  May 09, 2016
   -- bug (dkulp) Fix problems of the model groups that are set to the old default of grid
                  as per preview using a buffer significantly smaller than they used to
   -- enh (keithsw) Add FPS display when playing the sequence
   -- bug (keithsw) Fix a bug with filename fixups
   -- enh (keithsw) Cleanup scaling options on Music Effect ... now via a choice - None/Individual Notes/All Notes
   -- enh (keithsw) Sparkles now can optionally grow with music intensity
   -- enh (keithsw) Strobe effect now can optionally grow with music intensity
   -- enh (keithsw) Fire effect now can optionally grow with music intensity
   -- enh (keithsw) Add timing track export/import. Includes support for Papagayo and Piano timing tracks.
   -- bug (keithsw) Lots of fixes to auto custom model generation
2016.26  May 06, 2016
   -- enh (gil)   Change Render All toolbar icon and make common on Mac.  Fixes #436.
   -- bug (dkulp) Add a bunch more debugging stuff to the OpenGL things
   -- enh (dkulp) Improve Display Elements toolbar icon.
   -- bug (dkulp) Update to use log properties to create a log file
   -- bug (dkulp) Bunch of optimizations, more gl error logging, some fixes based on the error log
   -- bug (dkulp) Minor work on the subbufferpanel
   -- bug (gil)   Fix selected view not displaying in combo box on sequencer grid.  Fixes #562.
   -- enh (gil)   Jump to sequencer tab after creating new sequence.
   -- bug (gil)   Fix numeric entry size for Text effect position text boxes.  Fixes #557.
   -- enh (gil)   Improve Sequence Elements toolbar icon.
2016.25  May 05, 2016
   -- bug (dkulp) Bunch more fixes to OPENGL calls. Now Radeon cards should work
   -- enh (dkulp) Add a menu item to select the max OpenGL version to use. Higher the version, the higher
           the eprformance of graphics. The lower, the more graphic cards that can be supported.
   -- enh (keithsw) New option "Tools,Log". This will create a zip file of your xlights log file. No longer need to
           search the hidden appdata directory to find it. Keith described it like this: Add "Package Problem Files"
           to tools menu which lets the user package current config/sequence/logs when reporting a problem.
   -- enh (dkulp) Sub-Buffers. Add ability to specify what section of a buffer you want the effect applied to
   -- enh (keithsw) Block manual switching between wizard tabs in auto generation of custom model.
2016.24  May 04, 2016
   -- bug (dkulp) Fix OPENGL calls so that Sound wavefile shows on Intel Graphics cards
2016.23  May 03, 2016
   -- enh (keithsw) Added new option "Tools, Generate Custom Model"
   -- enh (dkulp) Upgrade to newer OpenGL library.
                  The OpenGL rendering has been updated from the “fixed pipeline” code
                  (which was state of the art in 1998) to using modern OpenGL shaders (>2010).
                  This allows us to better use the capabilities of modern video cards.
                  However, to support older machines, we can drop down to OpenGL 2.1 shaders
                  or even to the old 1.3 fixed pipeline.  Modern machines should be faster,
                  older machines should still work.
   -- enh (dkulp) New option on the Tree model, "Spirals". This is how many times a strand is wrapped
           around the tree. 1.0=one full wrap, 2.5 = 2 1/2 wraps from bottom to top.
   -- bug (gil)   Fix Copy Row/Paste Row when vertically scrolled. Fixes #553.
   -- bug (gil)   Fix application losing focusing when closing a floating panel.
   -- enh (gil)   Re-position view when playback starts or loops so that play marker is visible.  Fixes #550.
   -- enh (gil)   Paste modifications for how single effects paste in various situations.  Fixes #549.
   -- bug (dkulp) Add rename button to groups dialog.  Fixes #548
   -- bug (dkulp) Fix blur setting when clicking on effects. Fixes #547
   -- bug (dkulp) Reset status bar and refresh previews on file close.  Fixes #552
   -- bug (dkulp) Only redirect the menu items that need redirecting

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