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LOR II Gamma

Peter B

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LightORamaDan wrote:
There will be a new release of he LOR II Gamma next week. Wait for that release. It has a feature that allows you to shift a sequence left or right in time. With it you will be able to first shift left the amount of time you want. Then there will be some blank time on the right end which you can remove using change total time.

Dan (and your collegues), Your brilliant :P

Looking forward to this release next week.


Pete. :cool:

Dan, Have you got a date for this next week. Can't wait want it now ;)


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Great job guys!!. The elusive 'space bar to play' and play range is going to make a huge difference in my sequencing productivity. This is what make LOR such a great company - you listen to your customer's requests and deliver. Keep up the great work.


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