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Davis Family Christmas 2016 Display Photos


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Since this is my very first year animating lights, I decided to do a REALLY early setup to see how things would look and to get some photos for my website.  Everything was done statically - no controllers.  I took photos of nine color combinations and they are now posted to my website, along with some other photos.  The lights you see in the photos will be a little different as I borrowed orange and purple lights.  Here is a breakdown of what my display entails:

7 features using super strings (white, red, green, blue ziptied together) - lower roof, garage, two windows, bushes, maple tree, and flowerbed outline.
1 pink tree (for my daughter Chloe) which is directly in front of the middle window.
4 agapanthas colored blue (currently lit with purple lights because that is what I was able to borrow).
6 boxleaf eunonymous bushes colored green.
4 rose bushes colored red (currently lit with orange lights because that is what I was able to borrow).
1 bird bath (directly in front of middle window) colored warm white (currently not lit)

As it was lit in the photos I am sharing, there are a total of 7,680 LED lights.  Power consumption is a mere 500 watts when every single light is on.  If I were to leave every light on for four hours a night for 32 nights, my power bill would go up by a whopping $8.96.  I LOVE LED LIGHTS!

I couldn't believe how brightly lit my house was.  Several neighbors commented on the lights and we had several cars slow down to look - which is a good thing because people really speed through our street.  Perhaps I should leave my lights up all year - I'm lighting up the community and making my street safer at the same time!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my lighting photos.  Thanks for looking!


Scott J. Davis

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