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superstar and reg lights


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How many of you guys have used superstar to sequence regular led lights. I have dabbled with it a bit but it seems all the sequences are simaler even I roll the dice. any secrets out their, or just some helpful hints. i have three pumkin patches each 15 channels shaped like a pyramid  vertical . plus other stuff. ill be using 9 units 2 of which for singing faces. just trying to lighten the load.

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You are correct, with regular lights you won't see as much difference between different themes when using Instant Sequence. But you will see some difference, For instance, if you use "2 segs" then the lights will tend to blink in unison. Whereas if you use "1 morph full length" then you will see a chase pattern go back and forth across them.

Another thing to try is to use the new "Rapid Fire" trigger. There is a tutorial on it. Go to the lightorama main page, click on "Support" then click on "Tutorials", the superstar tutorials are near the bottom. Look for:

"Instant Sequence Rapid Fire Option"

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I used it when I had regular lights, but it sounds like you're using the Instant sequence option. I never could get that to work for me. If you do a Hand-made sequence for regular lights, it works just fine.

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