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LOR and Raspberry Pi (or Arduino) Question

Mike H

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I haven't been able to find this one specific answer yet, so hoping someone can help me with this also.

If I have a video stored on a Raspberry Pi or Arduino, would it be possible to have my LOR sequence to somehow trigger the Raspberry Pi or Arduino to start playing a video to a connected device (projector) on demand?  I was just wondering if this would be an alternate method of getting a video to a projector rather than directly from the computer running the LOR sequence?  If this is possible, could you give me as much information (or links) on how to do it and what is needed to set it up.

Thank you,

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You should ask that question at  Falconchristmas.com

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In general if you want your 'Sequence' to kick something off when the sequence is played you do this from the sequence editor by going to "Edit" then "Windows Command". From here you can kick off a script, that you write, that you can make your computer do whatever you want.

I've used it to kick off my Mickey Mouse Ears player that controls my color changing Mickey Mouse ears.

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Hello Mike,


one other solution would be to connect a dmx shield to the arduino and trigger it with a dmx command, just read the dmx value and at the desired value you could  trigger the function you want. this is very easy to do with the conceptinetics.h and corresponding shield.


The Netherlands

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