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Setting up for my first Video Sequence

Mike H

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Hopefully this isn't a repeat question since I couldn't find it anywhere. 

I'm just starting to setup for my first video sequence file that I hope to run next year.  But I'm having a problem in getting the show to display on my projector.

I'm running on an older Windows XP computer with an Nvidia video card and I have the screens setup in a dual view mode.  My main computer screen is my main desktop display and the projector is running off of the second video output with a VGA cable.  I have the background setup to a black background so the projector display is basically blacked out when nothing is showing.

But the problem I have is that when the show runs, the projector doesn't show anything.  If I move my mouse over to the projector display and click the mouse, 'then' the video shows up on it as desired full screen.  Of course the mouse click actually pauses the video so a second mouse click is then needed to resume playing it.  Which of course this will not work during an actual show display.  I've even tried just hooking up a second display instead of the projector and it does the exact same thing, so it's not the projector.

Also after I've mouse clicked on the screen to get the video to display, the next time it runs in the show cycle, it doesn't display again until the mouse is clicked on it.

Does anyone know why the video isn't initially displaying on the second screen?

On the sequence, I have the video preferences set to:

  • Display Video
  • Use Full Screen Mode
  • And I've selected the second screen as the Full Screen Monitor.

I am using LOR 4.2.12.


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