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Halloween Matrix Sequence


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Thanks Deb!

Actually, get with Robert on what you need. We will have the thick coro board, controller etc... and it will be best with nodes.

OK.... working on the next one right now..... :)

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No it will not be we are only doing matrix sequences for Halloween

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2 hours ago, gsmith37064 said:

Will this be converted to a 16 CCR tree? This one was really good.

NO but i am sure you could convert it to a 24 strings matrix.

What is the spacing on these? 

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1-3/4" the whole matrix will be 4x8 the actual playing matrix will be 7' 11" x 3' 9-5/8 but there will be room to attach a frame and the matrix panel will have 6" holes punched out to attach matrix panel to the frame, wood or aluminum or whatever you choose for the frame.Should have the panels by the end of the week it is made out of ABS and I wanted to get a matrix that uses 50 pixels so it could be universal between pixels strips and nodes instead of others that only use 48 pixels. With that said more items I am waiting on to make it all a complete package as well. The last sentence should be a good hint


Thank You

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Convert it to a 24 string matrix?  It is already a 24 x 50 matrix.

Thanks Jeff! It was a fun one to make.





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With a little work it can be converted to a pixel tree sequence. Not easy but can be done. When the sequence is created in superstar you can export it to a sequence editor in LOR. Use of BoBo tools will come into play in making this happen. 


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Thanks Jeff!

Have at it.. hahaha. I made myself crazy enough in Superstar. A Pixel tree just seems like a funky shape for a Halloween sequence IMHO. We are working really hard to make these happen on a Hi-Def type prop, that's affordable.

I know that you of all ppl know how much work goes into these things. I think I spend an average of 40 hours or more on a sequence Tree or Matrix, but I may be slow,, hahahah...

Ok.. back to the current project..................




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